Next Beef

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We have 3 QTRS of the November beef still available and one ready to process at approximately 1100# live weight. Lean tasty natural beef with no hormones or antibiotics.

next lean beef

Next lean beef

The herd has been out on corn and milo stalks, and the alfalfa field as it greened up. Thru the winter they’ve also had prairie and alfalfa hay , with some ground feed – corn and oats. Always fresh water and trace mineral blocks.

About Kim Slezak

Fourth generation farmer and his 'new-to-the-farm' forester/photographer bride have 'home-grown' beef for your discerning palate. Many of the cows have names (by him, not her) and are lovingly cared for as they roam the pastures and fields. Those that encourage walk-abouts are generally first to visit a locker or sale barn.
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